New Orleans

New Orleans is a unique city that represents a particularly radiant and captivating charm, it symbolizes a rhythm of jazz with a pleasant architectural theme. This city is best known for its French quarter, which offers its visitors a Latin-Creole architectural style, its famous jazz clubs and its cheerful and lively streets give it a passionate emblem.

Among the must-see places you should discover is the historic centre known by the name of the French Quarter or Old Square. First of all, be aware that it does not represent French culture as its name suggests, but its architecture indicates the Spanish theme. However, in order not to miss the chance to discover New Orleans’ must-see places, I invite you to read the rest of the article. Here are the best places to visit during your stay:

– Moon Walk: this walk is adorned by the fabulous dawn boat parade, you can book a cruise by specifying the duration of your excursion which can go up to several days.

– The Art District or Warehouse District: it is an old district that was used to store warehouses, but nowadays it has been renewed and transformed to include the city’s most important museums, art galleries and artists’ studios.

– Bourbon Street: in the evening, do not hesitate to visit Bourbon Street or the tribute to the Sun King who was once resided by the famous pirate Jean Laffite, today it presents an incredible collection of bars, jazz clubs and restaurants which also makes New Orleans a city that does not sleep.

– Try the famous tramway “named desire”

Taking the ancient Streetcar tourist tramway of New Orleans is the most popular and beautiful way to get around the city and discover the Garden District, which is a district that reflects its name through the many parks and gardens filled with ante-bellum properties. So, go to the intersection of Saint Charles and Carondelet Street to find the starting point of the StreetCar, its magnificent path includes not only Garden District but also the Business District and Avenue Saint Charles where you can admire the dazzling Greek neo-classical style residences.


Baton Rouge represents a miraculous blend of Louisiana music, mysterious and preserved bayous, and delicious southern cuisine, it is a city that offers many reasons to visit it at least once in your life.

Baton Rouge became the capital of Louisiana in 1849, before that year it belonged to the British and then to the Spanish, after that the revolution manifested to form the Republic of West Florida. Indeed, the baton rouge was considered to be an alternative port to New Orleans, the economy of this city is based on the port industry and the exploitation of oil also, moreover, it has the 2nd largest refinery in the United States. Don’t miss the chance to visit the Baton Rouge for a free visit to the Louisiana State Capitol. Enjoy your visit to the capitol and climb up to the observatory on the top floor to admire the panoramic view of Baton Rouge and Mississippi.

You can also discover the Second World War torpedo boat USS Kidd, you will find the ancient Fletcher class warship which is known as the “Pirate of the Pacific”, the last-named has been replaced by a museum, this museum includes the exhibition of planes that have flown in the South Pacific before. Also consider dedicating a day of your stay to discover the Rural Life Museum of Louisiana State University, which presents the history of Cajun culture. On the other hand, the Baton Rouge offers its garden lovers a fabulous park called Independence Park Botanic Gardens, which will certainly one day be discovered.

In addition, museum lovers should certainly visit the fabulous Louisiana State museum, this must-see place offers several museum themes such as Louisiana’s history, culture and industrial heritage, the Civil War submarine and musical instruments once owned by Fats Dominos. Yet such places offer visitors not only an understanding of the richness of Louisiana but also an appreciation of the diversity of the state’s culture.


Alexandria is a city located along the Red Rive, it occupies the center of the state of Louisiana. The birth and history of Alexandria represents a business card of famous names, this city was founded in 1818, it was considered among the rich cities before, but unfortunately it was burned during the civil war, which caused several human and material damages. “The Heart of Louisiana”, Alexandria is on the other side of the Red River. It is the heart of various cultures, namely the Cajun Bonhomie and the famous annual event of the Mardis Gras. Several boat trips are available to visitors to illustrate the importance of this river in Louisiana’s history.

Today, thanks to livestock and wood, it occupies the location of the most prosperous commercial and cultural centre in the region.  It is a quiet city characterized by a peaceful lifestyle, remember to explore the modernity of this city which includes a wide choice of restaurants, clubs, shops, entertainment and cultural sites that can satisfy all family members and seniors as well.

However, in order not to miss the chance to discover Alexandria’s must-see places, we invite you to read the rest of the article. Here are the best places to visit during your visit:

– Alexandria Holocaust Memorial:

This memorial was built to glorify the six million Jews, one and a half million children and many non-Jewish victims of the Holocaust. It is located near the Alexandria Holocaust Memorial and is 5.4 metres high.

– Alexandria Zoological Park:

The Alexandria Zoological Park is a favourite spot for families and children who enjoy feeding fish, it is home to more than 500 animals! Don’t miss the chance to coincide with the ultra rare white tiger! Remember to visit the gift shop if you want to keep a souvenir of your visit for yourself or your friends.

– Alexandria Museum of Art :

This museum presents to its visitors the largest collection of folk art in Louisiana, as well as many temporary exhibitions, educational programs and courses. This art club attracts visitors of all ages: families, adults, teenagers and young adults.